Scientific Program

Conference Series Ltd invites all the participants across the globe to attend 6th International Conference and Expo on Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Las Vegas, USA.

Day 2 :

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We wanted to find out if the successful effects of energy based methods and therapies can be displayed in images to compare the status before and after intervention. We examined Qigong meditation, introductory and big tree exercises, 3-1-2 Exercises, Tibetan 5 yoga, Prananadi, applied kinesiology and auricular acupuncture methods and therapies.


A status assessment was made by using the MeriDiM® meridian diagnostic instrument. After the application of the methods/treatments to be compared we again made a status assessment to see whether the energy change may be shown.


The exciting results reflect how significant change the above-mentioned methods and treatments cause in the energy level of the meridians.


Our practical experience seems to confirm that during the various TCM interventions into the energy system a change occurs in order to reach a balance. We are able to display and track this change in images by using comparative bar graphs.

Therefore, even if no symptoms and complaints exist it is perceivable that on the energy level pathological processes have already started. Through the release of energy blocks (by using various methods) the optimal balance of the meridians is restored, consequently, the physical and mental balance of the body is also restored holistically.

Keynote Forum

Eric M. Hao

Acupuncture Centre for Intractable Pain, Taiwan

Keynote: From “Mother-Son” to “Parents-Children”: The Fallacy of Traditional Chinese Medicine
OMICS International Acupuncture 2018 International Conference Keynote Speaker Eric M. Hao photo

Mr. Eric Hao is a licensed acupuncturist in the State of Texas, USA with a master’s degree in acupuncture and oriental medicine and NCCAOM certification.  He was a dentist in Taiwan from 1990-2012.  Mr. Hao has been learning and practicing acupuncture for 21 years (1997-2018) and studied Power Of Nature Acupuncture Medical System (PONAMS) in 2006.  He is currently an international speaker of PONAMS and hosting PONAMS teaching and training programs worldwide upon request.


One of the fallacies in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory is the "One mother generate a son" concept which unmatches the natural fact that, in most cases, requires both genders to reproduce next generations.  If TCM with a fundamental fragility is gaining global attention and achievements, it is difficult to measure the positive impact on academic and clinical advancements when a "father" is incorporated and formed the new "Parents-Children" relationship.  By applying new theory and the treatment modalities derived from it, TCM practitioners and acupuncturist will be able to manage challenging cases such as numbness, neuropathy, intractable painful and functional disorders with immediate and consistent success.


Keywords: Acupuncture, TCM, numbness, intractable pain